4 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Helps to Increase Your Productivity

4 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Helps to Increase Your Productivity

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Successful Business leaders and entrepreneurs like Bill Ford, founder of Ford motors, Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce, and Ariana Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, have one thing in common.

They carve out time in their busy schedules to meditate.

Meditation is a growing practice in the united states. Research shows that more than 18 million Americans practice meditation daily. And why not? Reflection, especially mindfulness meditation has tremendous benefits for your productivity and mental health.

Mindfulness meditation is a simple mental training that helps improve your productivity.

It involves you getting into a comfortable sitting position, taking deep breaths and focusing on them. It has been proven to help enhance learning, quell anxiety and tame negative emotions. Even the CEO of Linkedin Jeff Weiner credited most of his success in growing the membership of Linkedin to daily meditation.

Here are some proven ways through which mindfulness meditation can help to increase productivity.

  1. Reduced Anxiety and Stress.

    Many studies show that practicing mindfulness reduces stress. In stressful situations, our bodies release a flood of hormones that quicken our heartbeat, speed up our breathing and elevate our blood pressure. Dealing with stress or anxiety affects our abilities to get any work done. This is why it’s no surprise that people in prominent decision making roles make a habit of practicing meditation.Meditation helps you clear away information overload that often results in anxiety. By allowing you to focus on your breathing, meditation relaxes you and places you in a mental realm of utmost peace and tranquility. 

  2. Strengthened Working Memory and Ability to Learn.

    Consistent meditation has been proven to you retain more information.
    Researchers have found that mindfulness meditation increases gray matter volume and other parts of the brain that assist with learning, memory, and emotional regulation.The perfect compliment for an increased learning ability is the capacity to remember all you’ve learned. Thank you meditation!

  3. Increased focus.

    Meditation increases your mind’s ability to focus and suppress distractions. Whenever you catch yourself getting distracted from essential tasks, it helps to take out a few minutes to practice mindful meditation. 

  4. Improved relationships

    Leaders who practice mindfulness meditation tend to have higher control over their emotions. Exercising mindfulness increases your self-observation and introspection. This habit allows you to be proactive and recover faster when provoked by employees and colleagues.

    Over the years, meditation has been known to give more emotional control to people who are easily angered.

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