Productivity Tips That Helped Me Earn My First $1000

Productivity Tips That Helped Me Earn My First $1000

In this article, I share five essential tips that helped me optimize my productivity and achieve my goal of earning $1000 the month after my final university exams. 


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5 Productivity tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs


I realized I had a problem the day I went on Instagram to reply a DM and ended up spending close to three hours surfing through piles of irrelevant content. We’ve all been there.
I battled with this problem until I discovered a way to accomplish my tasks and still have time for social media.


I honestly can’t completely give up watching YouTube videos just because I want to make more money (  ._.).

The mind is willing, but the body is weak!


I struggled to find a way to get work done and still have time to spare. Lucky for you, I succeeded so you don’t have to struggle at all! You’re welcome.

This article gives you 5 actionable steps to help you stay on top of your productivity.  


1. Learn The Proper Way to Set Goals

There’s a lot of videos and articles on goal setting, most of them are helpful, others, not so much.

Here’s how I set my goals.

I start by thinking about where I am and decide where I want to be. I’ve realized I’m more productive when I do this daily.

However, I also set monthly goals. For example, this month I set a goal to make at least $1000 from copywriting. I achieved this goal before the second week. I’m willing to share how I accomplished this with anyone who’s interested. Just contact me.

After deciding where I am and where I want to be, I break my goals down to smaller tasks and make them Specific, Achievable and Time-bound.

For example, if my goal for today was to land a writing client.

My tasks would be

  • Search for Health and Wellness Businesses
  • Find their decision makers
  • Find their emails
  • Make a list of emails
  • Send Cold Pitches
  • Set a reminder to follow up

So yes, the tip to setting clear goals is analyzing where you are, deciding where you want to be and creating smaller tasks that lead to your destination.

2. Multitasking Kills Productivity

Just in case you didn’t read that correctly, It says “DO NOT MULTITASK.”
Multitasking is one of the biggest thieves of Productivity. It’s also scientifically proven that multitasking kills your brain.


Focus on one task. Invest all your mental energy into accomplishing that one task. Afterward, you can move on to another. This one tip has helped me become a lot more productive.


3. Optimize Your Environment To Suit Your Specific Need Per Time

I work from home. As much as I love working from home, it gets tiring having to sit in one place all day, every day.

I switch it up from time to time. Sometimes I work in my room. Other times, I work from the living room. It may sound irrelevant, but this little change helps me accomplish way more goals than I did when I just sat in my room every day.


For you, it may be using a standing desk from time to time. It may even be going out to a Cafe to be around other people.


If in the morning you suddenly feel too tired to work, it may be time to try something new.


4. Have Healthy Snacks Within Your Reach

Eating helps me focus. It also helps to chew something when I’m bored or tired. Eating healthy also helps the brain to be more active.

For me, grabbing a snack at mid-day is no longer an option. So, instead of having to pause my work to grab a bite, I keep some on my desk in the morning and reach for my treats when I get bored or hungry.

5. Create Time For Distractions

This is the final tip for a reason! It’s like the desert.
If you don’t finish your vegetables, you don’t get ice cream.

After Setting your goals, mapping out tasks, finding the right environment for the day and getting your snacks ready, you can have a 30-minute break to reply messages, go through your timeline and engage in other millennial activities.

However, don’t forget, 30 minutes has to be 30 minutes. You can set the alarm for this. I prefer to take my break from 2-2: 30 pm.


I Hope this article helps to improve your productivity!


If you have any questions or suggestions, do leave a comment.


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    1. Hey Loba! Thanks so much for reading! I hope these tips help you achieve more in less time! XD

  2. Hello Bena, this is very wonderful and insightful for proper goal setting. Thanks
    I would like to know how you earned from copyrighting.

    1. Haha! Already added you to the mailing list after seeing your subscription to the blog last night. I’ll send you an email explaining how I was able to earn from copywriting.

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